The challenge

Competition is fierce. Margins are squeezed. Sales cycles are longer. Good products and good relationships are not enough.

The landscape has changed. You need to deliver demonstrable outcomes for your customers and the need for revenue and profit growth is ever greater.

You want your salespeople to be better at

  • Understanding their markets and customers
  • Identifying needs and opportunities
  • Challenging the status quo with fresh insights
  • Navigating the complex decision making landscape
  • Quantifying and articulating real customer business needs and benefits
  • Replicating consistently the things that work
  • Anticipating and adapting to change

That’s where we come in

Many terms are used to describe a complex business-led sales approach – consultative, collaborative, challenger and strategic selling. The terminology doesn’t matter – it’s the actions and the results that count.

Here’s how we work with you:

We deliver tailored sales enablement and training programmes that align your sales team with your business goals and develop the skills to adapt and win in a changing world.

  • We explore your business goals, where you are now and where you want to be
  • We identify what is working well and what needs to change
  • We tailor a training and enablement programme with clear actions and outcomes to meet your needs
  • We work together to deliver the programme and measure and track progress
  • As the changes become ‘business as usual’ we conclude with clear outcomes and having equipped you to maintain and build on the momentum

What can you expect from our sales skills development?

Consistent sales framework

Clients tell us we give them structure without cramping their style. A strategic selling framework supports the things your sales people already do well, helps replicate what works and increases win rates

Focus on the customer and their buying cycle.

The customer doesn’t care about your sales process. We encourage sales people to focus on customers’ buying cycles and then align their sales process.

Combine task and people factors

Successful sales strategies require a combination of doing the right things AND building the right relationships. Most complex or high value purchases involve multiple levels of consensus decision making. Relationships alone are not enough. We support you to develop and demonstrate the right business alignment, build consensus support and differentiate yourselves across the customer organisation.

Practical application

It’s all about changing behaviours and outcomes. We actively work with salespeople to apply learning to specific accounts during the training. We run dedicated account development and vertical market planning workshops and we provide ongoing coaching to reinforce and embed change.

We work with you

Sales skills and enablement build over time. It’s not a single hit. Together we embed and reinforce the changes you want to make. Our modular approach makes learning a continuous process with time to properly try, coach and embed new knowledge and skills.

We get on with it

We are practical and pragmatic. We know it’s not a perfect world and we know what works and what doesn’t. Therein lies our strength. We don’t need to charge you a fortune in ‘consultancy’ to start from scratch. We use our experience to quickly assess where you are and where you need to be and work with you to make the difference, quickly.

Our approach

Our methodologies build B2B selling skills and structures that work. We provide frameworks that support you to develop a consistent, replicatable approach to sales campaigns and strategic and key account development across the business.

Our approach is underpinned by:

  • A replicatable framework – a common structure for your team without introducing box ticking and bureaucracy. And one that embeds in your business without cramping your style
  • “Seeking first to understand…”- really understand the customer, their market, context and needs – without having to ask a million questions – so that you can quickly bring fresh insights and align real business benefit
  • Working with complexity – most consultative or strategic selling situations are complicated – multiple decision makers and influencers, complex decisions and rarely funded from a single budget
  • Current thinking – we’ve all had to adapt to the changing business landscape and we actively research, integrate and reflect new ways of working

Please call 01488 638119 or email to talk about your plans for the coming year and ask how we can help you to get there faster or better!

"I have worked with Anna on a sales enablement program. We have built the program together. Anna was an outstanding asset for me: she had clearly understood my goals, delivered outstanding results as a coach & trainer and was able to recommend me the best evolution of the program.

Thanks to Anna's contribution, this project was very successful for us and our partners.

I strongly recommend you to work with Anna, it is just a great pleasure"

− Sales enablement lead

"Anna provided a series of training seminars for our top account managers. She introduced a topic they were not overly familiar with, however by the end of the training they had confidence and knowledge to sell to C-Level clients. The sales teams came from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience which proved to be a challenge, Anna managed the situation with pure professionalism, so we got the most from the training. "

− Propositions Manager

"Anna proved to be an exceptional trainer who managed to obtain the full focus and engagement of my multi cultural and diverse global team. The training delivered proved valuable in enhancing everyone’s skill and ability levels"

− International Sales Director

"Anna provided a Strategic Account Management training and development course to myself and my colleagues. The frameworks and plans that Anna communicated gave a sustainable, clear to understand and positive approach to managing our customers. The frameworks gave me the confidence and faith in my abilities to go out and attain successful results in the real world and knowledge that I know will be able to be applied again and again. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna's services to anyone who requires a training and development service"

− B2B Account Manager

"Anna developed and delivered a sales training course around a strategic product introduction. Her insight and experience enabled her to make an invaluable contribution to the design of the course, and she helped our team to achieve its objectives in a very positive way, whilst always having the requirements of the participants in mind. The course was very well-received, and Anna was really a great pleasure to work with. "

− Lisa Goodhand, Freelance B2B Technology and Telecoms Marketing Consultant

"I have worked with Anna on a variety of training programs over a 10 year period and she always delivers innovate and compelling content that really works for the attendees. Her high level of expertise on the technology selling process, great creativity and excellent presentation skills combine to deliver real value for the stakeholders and trainees"

− Barry Turner, Director, Agile Programmes Ltd