Coaching and mentoring are powerful ways of supporting individuals to develop their potential. We believe that coaching and mentoring are about mindset and organisational culture as much as specific skills. That means they work best when you are in control and largely self-sufficient. We’ll support you with best practice advice to set up and manage your programmes, find the right coaches and mentors and deliver coach / mentor training and support.

Our services

You’ve probably gathered by now that we make the effort to understand your particular environment and adapt our content and delivery to match your needs. We don’t, though, need to reinvent the wheel so here are some examples of what we offer.


Coaching skills workshops

One day, two day and follow up sessions aimed at line managers who want to improve their skills in managing, developing and motivating their teams, both individually and collectively.

Speed coaching for Sales Managers

How do you make every contact with your team members count? However short. Most sales managers struggle to combine ‘getting the job done’ with developing and supporting their team. It’s made harder when that team is dispersed across the country or continents.

Yet, we know that ‘doing what you’ve always done’ is no guarantee of future success. So how do managers support their team to move outside their comfort zones, adapt to change and adopt new practices which will deliver the team’s targets?

We take a pragmatic and highly practical approach to enhancing team performance. It works for sales managers at all levels and can dovetail into our sales training programmes to directly equip sales managers to coach the team to adopt the skills learned.


Mentoring programme support

We support organisations to design and launch internal mentoring programmes. Most organisations have minimal budgets for mentoring and don’t want to end up with a programme that’s complex and over-engineered so we provide the robust structure to allow you to keep it simple.

We provide good practice guidelines and support you to design and implement your programme – whether it’s a small, informal ‘toe in the water’ or a large, formal scheme. We then tailor our standard, proven mentor / mentee training workshops to reflect what you want your programme to deliver.

Mentoring skills training

It’s important for mentors and mentees to understand not only the personal skills and approaches that create successful mentoring relationships but also the organisational framework in which these pairings take place. We provide one day, two day and follow up sessions, as well as self-study packs, for both mentors and mentees. Courses can be run separately for mentors and mentees or combined. We often encourage the latter so that everyone shares in a common foundation.

Our Credentials

We’ve been directly involved in coaching and mentoring for over 15 years. Leading Edge Principal, Anna Britnor Guest, co-founded the Coaching & Mentoring Network back in 1999 to encourage information sharing and best practice – and it quickly became the largest independent information resource on the subject. We’ve written many articles on coaching and mentoring and been widely quoted in the press.

We work with a number of professional associates to support the development of mentoring programmes and coaching and mentoring of senior executives.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve worked with organisations large and small, public and private sector, to help them establish coaching cultures thorough their management teams and implement robust and effective mentoring programmes across their organisations.
We’re passionate about coaching and mentoring and happy to give general guidance over the phone or email even if you don’t have a specific programme requirement at this time – so please get in touch if you’d like to talk.

"Very worthwhile. Learnt enhanced processes and advice on supporting the team"

− Speed coaching for sales managers delegate

"I feel more confident and knowledgeable in the area now. The most useful parts were role playing and testing out the theories plus the "mentoring framework" quadrant. Anna was very knowledgeable and personable, easy to understand"

− Mentoring skills delegate

"Excellent pre-course assignment. Thought provoking skills practice and learning exercises. Anecdotal illustrations from actual experience and lots of facilitated sharing to build trust and rapport"

− Coaching skills workshop delegate

"Excellent facilitator. Fully knowledgeable in coaching and mentoring. Shared experiences which as a future mentee is extremely beneficial"

− Mentoring skills workshop delegate

"An excellent session from a great trainer"

− Speed coaching for sales managers delegate

"The course was excellent, well structured, well presented and useful in all areas"

− Coaching skills workshop delegate