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As the weather is turning distinctly Autumnal here, we’ve been reflecting on some of the key themes our clients have been working on over the summer:. In some form or another they have all been looking at business growth and found answers and ideas by getting focused on where that growth will come from.

We’ve included these in our latest blog posts:

In ‘Growing reseller channels and new markets’ we take a look at how to win more business through channel partners. For many businesses, a reseller model is critical to scaling sales and yet these channels are not always delivering the desired growth. We’ve been helping companies examine what they do well and where they can improve their relationships with channel partners to increase revenue and profit for both parties. Read the full article for 4 top tips.

In a guest blog for partners Phoenix Training & Development we revisit that perennial challenge for sales directors – what to do when good products / services and good relationships are not enough on their own to reach ever-challenging targets. It comes down to being very clear about value and focusing on where to find the best returns. Read ‘It’s tough being a sales director these days’ for a quick hit on what works.

I hope you find them useful – please let us know what you think.

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