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Over the last few months we’ve been thinking about how the business world is changing, so here’s a summary of our latest blogs.

Keep Up: Adapting to an ever-changing technology world

Technology development challenges us all to examine our business and go to market models, unsafe in the knowledge that what worked in the past will not necessarily work in the future.  

Drawing on discussions from the IOD’s Tech in 2016 event, Cisco’s Partner Collaboration Summit, we reflected on how technology companies are adapting to the pace of change.

Read the full article for 4 tips on how to keep your go-to-market strategy abreast of a changing world.

In Time to step up B2B sales training, we turned our attention to how the sales training world needs to change.

The Challenger Sale and social selling are two much-debated hot topics in complex B2B selling today. But if they represent the changing business selling landscape, then how do we train sales people to stay on top of these trends?

This article explores how B2B selling is changing, for instance the concept of the all-powerful decision maker is largely outdated and consensus decision making is on the rise.

Sales training needs to step up and not only train sales people to anticipate and adapt to these changes, but to deliver in ways that ensure training genuinely makes a difference.

Read the full article to explore these tips and the comments we’re getting on these articles.

  • Focus on outcomes
  • Look at the wider sales function
  • Align marketing and sales
  • The Sales Manager makes the difference
  • Specific, relevant and timely training

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