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Birkett 6 hour relay 1997

Welcome to our new website!

A brand refresh and new website are the perfect opportunity to take stock of what we’ve achieved over the last 13 years and where we’re heading.

So to get to the point – We’re building on our track record of helping individuals and companies work out where they’re going, confidently adapt to market and cultural change and build the skills they need to achieve their goals.

What I believe sets us apart and gives us our own unique identity is our core values. These mean that we only feel we’ve been successful when you’re successful.

It’s about starting with our clients end goals in mind, working together, rolling our sleeves up, thinking one step ahead by bringing all our experience to bear. It requires us to combine flexibility, pragmatism and creativity to think around our clients’ specific challenges and opportunities and to develop their team members’ individual and collective talents.

It’s about joining the dots, seeing the links and creating a climate that supports us all to grow and succeed.

Encapsulating all of that in a brand and a website is tough but Pete Stewart at No79 Design has done a great job in translating those values into our new logo and website design.

As an aside, when Pete proposed this lovely turquoise as part of our new look I jumped at it. Not only because it looks fresh and contemporary and fits with our style but because I will forever associate the colour with the years I spent racing a little turquoise MG Midget in the MG Midget Challenge! So now you know where the photo of this blog fits in!

Back to business – websites are, of course, always a work in progress just like a business – so let us know what you think and what we can improve.

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