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As our new website goes live, here’s a catch up of our recent blog posts and the thinking behind them.

First, a few key questions guide what we write about:

  • What’s changing in the business world and how can we anticipate and respond?
  • What are the longer term or bigger picture business trends and how might these affect us?
  • What are the big technology trends that enable us to respond and adapt to a changing world – and what do they really mean for us in business?
  • And, above all, we write with our clients and other businesses in mind – exploring ideas, tips and questions to help you work through the challenges and oppThe Internet of Everything – good, bad or indifferent?ortunities you’re facing.

So what’s that got us thinking about recently?

First, on the business front:

Business disruption requires thought disruption We hear lots of Silicon Valley examples of disruptive business models – Uber, AirBnB, Tesla etc – but what does ‘business disruption’ really mean for companies trying to grow and remain relevant in a changing world? It’s all a bit more granular and complex than the ‘lighthouse’ examples often used. This post, inspired by an interview at the IOD of the Economist’s Adrian Wooldridge (author of ‘The great disruption: how business is coping with turbulent times’) raises a few questions and observations for those of us trying to fathom our place in all this.

The age of the ageless workforce questions the frequent focus on meeting the needs and wants of the millennial workforce and challenges us to take a more holistic look at how to get the best of the entire workforce. With one of our clients, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at how technology, culture and places come together to create flexible work environments in which all can thrive. There’s plenty in here for HR, L&D, IT and business leaders to mull over!

And so to how technology enables us:

The Internet of Everything – good, bad or indifferent? I participated in a Guardian round table on The internet of everything (IOE)– a catalyst for the start up economy? on behalf of a client earlier this year.  has been one of our most popular posts, capturing and reflecting on some of the wider implications of IOT and its impact on business.

And, finally, What makes a channel partnership? highlights some of the oft-overlooked aspects that make or break channel and reseller partnerships. In an era where change happens fast, organisational silos are (finally) breaking down and everyone needs to work smarter, it’s hard for even the biggest companies to go it alone yet for smaller businesses there remain big challenges to creating successful, mutually advantageous and non-competitive partnering relationships.

Take a look around and please share and join the conversation. We are interested in sharing ideas and learning from each other, whether we do business together or not. To quote our channel partnership article (or more accurately to paraphrase Stephen Covey) , it’s by sharing ideas that we figure out collectively to bake more pies!

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