We specialise in:

  • Sales and sales management skills development
  • B2B sales and marketing strategy support
  • Coaching and mentoring capability

Our approach combines a healthy balance of creativity and pragmatism and focuses on reaching client goals in the real world. We have experience across many industries and many of our clients operate in complex B2B environments like the IT and technology sectors.

Our clients frequently tell us that what sets us apart is our ability to quickly grasp the complexities of their unique markets and environments and tailor our services accordingly. We pay close attention to what you want to achieve and work with you to deliver against these needs.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2002 by Anna Britnor Guest, Leading Edge Coaching works with a variety of B2B organisations both directly and with key partners such as marketing specialists, Harness Marketing, technology specialists, 5i, and management, leadership development specialists, Phoenix Training & Development and Larato, business development specialists.

Our team of consultants and trainers are carefully selected for the specific skills they bring to the team and their alignment with our culture:

  • ‘Real-world’ business success means we have a solid grasp of the commercial world and an ability to quickly build rapport and credibility with sales, marketing and management teams.
  • Strong participative training and coaching skills to ensure we genuinely engage your team in the learning process – ‘no death by powerpoint’ is one of our mantras.
  • An ability to quickly grasp the nuances of your market to work with real and relevant situations and examples.

Our guiding principles

We will support you to meet your business goals by:

  • Working in partnership with you to deliver and embed the skills and approaches that make a difference in the real world
  • Building mutual trust and encouraging open and frank communication
  • Providing high quality programmes which develop individuals, teams and organisations
  • Sharing insights, observations and recommendations based on our experience and the latest trends

Ready to get in touch?

There’s only so much we can share on a website. To find out if we might be a good fit for your business takes a conversation so please call 01488 638119 or email us.

Press and speaking engagements

Our Principal, Anna Britnor Guest, has been widely quoted in the business and general press, including the Guardian, the Times and the Institute of Directors. She is a frequent contributor of articles for the business press on sales and people development.

She is a popular and lively speaker and has extensive experience of key note, seminar and round table speaking engagements.

If you’re looking for a speaker or facilitator for your company or industry event please call 01488 638119 or contact us for more details.