Supporting our clients to meet their business goals
Are you looking to increase the effectiveness of your sales & marketing activities – not just in winning more business but winning the RIGHT business?

Specialists in B2B sales development and performance

Strategy support

Where to focus, how to win

  1. Exec support for joined-up sales & marketing strategy development
  2. Assessment, consultancy & support for sales model and go to market change
  3. Channel recruitment and development
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Sales skills development

Enhance customer business outcomes

  1. Tailored, business-led sales training
  2. Coaching & mentoring for sales teams & managers
  3. Sales & marketing alignment and enablement
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Coaching & mentoring

Build your internal skills

  1. Coaching skills for managers
  2. Internal mentoring programme design and support
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How we work with you

Let’s face it, every sales training  & consultancy company will tell you their training makes a difference. Frankly, that should go without saying! What you really want to know is “can you help me meet my business goals?”

Our best results come from working together openly and frankly and from having a clear, shared view of the outcomes we’re working towards.

We practice what we preach – we work to understand your goals and where you are now. Then we share exactly HOW we will work together to get you there – along with the milestones and metrics to jointly measure our progress.

Please take a look around and get in touch to talk about what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll cut to the chase and quickly figure out whether we’re right for each other or not.

"Since 2012, I have worked with Anna on a number of projects and continue to be impressed with her approach and the leading insights that contribute to each successful delivery. I recommend Anna as someone who will facilitate improvements in sales performance through the customer’s buying cycle and from product alignment to the board room"

− Melanie Foster B2B Marketing & sales enablement

"By employing your company I have achieved several objective.the real pleasing aspect of the entire exercise was that the changes seem to happen transparently as if my team member had changed his whole approach to work; indeed I believe this to be the case and a direct result of your coaching"

− Sales manager